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Thanks to our different mat printing techniques, at Flocmat you will find a very varied range of mats. Whether it is flocking, sublimation printing or even JetPrint, Flocmat will always have the solution to meet your expectations or your specific needs.

From the drawings creation and computer-aided rendering to mat printing, we master all stages of the production process.

We are equipped with high-performance machines that are frequently renewed and modernized: software, plotters, transfer printing presses, pigment ink printers, carousels for flocking and  screen printing.
In addition, our drying machines ensure permanent color fixation and high durability.

Our workshop has a large production capacity. We can produce large volumes as well as unique personalised items on demand.
With Flocmat, all your desires come true with impeccable print quality.

Our 3 printing technologies:

Printing technologies : ChromoJet / Direct printing

For printing personalise logos mats, we have a Chromojet machine.


GREENJETPRINT and LOGOBRUSH mats personalised are produced on a digital printer.

Directly printed in the nylon fibers core, colors have undergone a special treatment preventing any color loss.

Available colors: you have the choice between 66 standard colors for the GREEN JET PRINT and 5 colors for the LOGOBRUSH (contact us)

Printing steps

  • Creation and validation of the mock up
  • Injection of pressurized ink in the nylon fiber core.
    The nozzles are mounted on a print head that scans the mat. The computer controls the opening and closing of the nozzles up to 400 times / second. The jets color mat fiber without contact between the print head and the print media.
  • Vaporization logo mat (temperature Env.95 ° C) to allow the emulsion and the dyes fixation
  • Washing to remove excess unfixed dyes
  • Drying at 130 ° C
Printing JetPrint​
Chromojet printing

Examples Personalised chromojet mats

Transfer printing / sublimation

Thanks to our plotters and our transfer machines, transfer your images and photos directly to our mats..


We reproduce your design directly on transfer paper with our inkjet plotters equipped with sublimation inks.

The transfer paper is then placed in a hot press. Under the effect of heat and pressure, the ink is gasified and enters directly the mats fiber.


  • A perfect color reproduction and brightness.
  • Reproduction of high definition images
  • An embedded print in the fiber without changing mats quality
  • Single print or large quantities
  • Easy clean

We use this technique for printing our advertising mats, dust control mats, decoration mat, playcard mat…

Printing plotters​
print plotters
Printing transfer​
transfer machines

Examples personalised mats by transfer

Tapis PVC personnalisable : HOME
Tapis PVC personnalisable : welcome travel
Tapis PVC personnalisable : bienvenue roses
Tapis PVC personnalisable : fleurs bois
Tapis PVC personnalisable : bois feuilles
Tapis PVC personnalisable : orchidée
Tapis PVC personnalisable : chien chat
Tapis PVC personnalisable : Home
Tapis PVC personnalisable : effet peau
Tapis PVC personnalisable : noir
Tapis PVC personnalisable : roses
Tapis PVC personnalisable : abstrait
Tapis PVC personnalisable : ville

Printing technologies : Flocked door mats

Flocking consist to cover the mat surface of textile fibers called “flocks” to provide a decorative relief appearance..


The flocking technique is similar to that of screen printing, with the difference that it is not ink that is deposited in a first time through the frames, but glue.


  • Glue deposited on the mat through screen printer
  • Stirring of flocking (inks powder form) over the support, in order to impart color to the glue previously deposited
  • Passage in a drying tunnel
  • Dusting pattern to remove excess flock.
Flocmat : Flocking carousel
Flocking carousel

examples personalised mats by flocking

Tapis floqué : licorne
Tapis floqué : Welcome - fleurs
Tapis floqué : flamant rose
Tapis floqué : hérisson
Tapis floqué : chien bonjour
Tapis floqué grattant : coeur
Tapis floqué : HOME
Tapis floqué : plantes
Tapis floqué : Chats
Tapis floqué : chien bienvenue

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