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Printed and personalised mats for professionals

Printed and personalised mats in your image!

Since its inception, Flocmat has specialised in the creation, printing and manufacturing of personalised mats.
Today, the family business from Wormhout offers a wide range of custom mats to meet the demands of business, marketing and communications professionals. From the Jet Print in looped polyamide intended for intensive use to the Houston in non-woven polyester sought after for its photographic reproduction qualities… You will always find the mat that suits you !

At Flocmat when it comes to personalised mats, we always have a solution for you!

Flocmat is the leader in the personalised mats custom.

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Printed and personalised mats for intensive use

Intended for intensive use, GREEN JET PRINT and LOGOBRUSH mats are extremely durable. Their sole and edging have been reinforced. So you can display your brand everywhere from the reception! This is an effective way to influence visitors and customers from the moment they enter the store or business. The Flocmat customisable intensive welcome mat is an essential communication tool and contributes to the brand’s marketing strategy.

• More than 1000 passages per day.

Green Jet Print Mat - ecological

With or without border

Logobrush mat - outdoor

With or without border

normal use - printed and personalised mats

The NEW YORK, BOSTON and  DALLAS customisable welcome mats are classics from the Flocmat range intended for normal use. Moreover, professionals have adopted it and use it regularly for their event communication operations. They like its rendering of the image and its ability to reproduce photographs and illustrations with gradients. Personalised mats have become essential tools in marketing strategies.

• More than 500 passages per day.

new york mat

With border

Boston mat

Without border

dallas mat "shaggy"

without border

Personalised mats for an event

Personalised mats from the HOUSTON and ORLANDO range are particularly suitable for playcards mats, mouse pad, bar mats, etc. Their flexible, non-slip sole makes them easier to handle and rolls without leaving creases. Professionals will be seduced by the quality of the four-color printing, both in terms of reproduction of gradients, photographs and illustrations. With so many advantages, this range of personalised mats should delight event communication professionals.

• More than 500 passages per day.

houston mat

Without border

orlando mat

Without border

auto mat

Without border

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