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Personalised mats for professional
3 reasons to choose us

You want a mat to your image ? We offer 3 personalised mats ranges to create your logo mat or your advertising mat.

« Jet Print »

« Buffalo »


Ideal for intense traffic or store entrance.

Personalised logo mats “JetPrint” and “Buffalo” are made on a digital printer.
The colors have been specially treated to prevent color loss

« New York »

« Boston »


Ideal for normal and special use.

“New York”, “Boston” and “Dallas” advertising mats are ideal for reproduction of photos and logos. Our unique printing process allows to reproduce all colors.

« Orlando »

« Houston»


Ideal for your event communications

Business gifts are not reserved to the year-end period. The great events of a business, conferences or simply “pleased to offer” are all reasons to use our products.


We have our own design department to answer all your requests.


Thanks to its own plotters, Flocmat prints the sheets quickly intended for transfer.


Our sublimation press allows us to produce transfer belts on site.

Flocked doormat

The flocking takes place in our premises with our own carousels.


Personalize your mat with your logo in high quality thanks to our Chromojet machine.


Our know-how

With over 20 years of experience, FLOCMAT has become the European specialist in printing mats. Looking for a mat’s manufacturer, wholesaler, for a large production or small quantity ? We have a solution for you !
We have our own creation service listening to our customer’s demands. We can answer to all your personalised mats requests and you can also choose from a selection of more than 1.700 designs..

Thanks to its plotters, FLOCMAT ensures rapid printing of sheets intended for transfer. Flocmat is able to print a high resolution drawing or photograph. Personalise your mat as you want!

Transfer your images and photos directly to a mat!
Our sublimation press allows us to produce transfer printing mats on site. The paper printed by our plotters is then placed in a heat press. Under the effect of heat and pressure, the ink gasifies and directly penetrates the fiber.
To print personalised logo mats we own a Chromojet machine.
Custom Logo JET PRINT mats are produced on a digital printer. Directly printed in the nylon fibers core, colors have undergone a special treatment preventing any color loss. Available colors: you have a choice of 24 standard colors or custom colors
Our flocked doormats: the flocking takes place in our premises with our own carousels. Flocking consists of covering the carpet surface with textile fibers called “flocks” to obtain a decorative relief appearance.