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Flocmat is located at Wormhout, at the crossroads of Europe, 30 minutes away from Dunkerque and Lille, on the Belgian border. In 15 years of existence, Flocmat managed to impose itself as the European leader in printing floor mats, car mats and personalized mats. Always encouraging innovation, the company also offers printed carpet tiles.

Since its creation, Flocmat chose to carry out all the different stages of the production process, from the drawing and the computer-aided rendering to the printing on mats, carpet tiles or wall coverings.
Flocmat is equipped with frequently renewed and modernized highperformance machines : desktop publishing softwares, plotters, transfer printing presses, pigment ink printers, flocking machines and screen printing 6-colour station carousels.
What’s more, its drying machines ensure permanent color fixing and high durability.
The workshop has a huge production capacity It can produce large volumes as well as unique custom items made upon request. With Flocmat, all your desires come true with an impressive printing quality.

In March 2009, Flocmat integrated ID GROUP which gathers several companies with different activities :
IDS that is specialized in professional mats for the industry, the agriculture and public buildings.
ID MAT that is specialized in the distribution of creative and technical mats, thus complementing Flocmat.
Several flagship products earned Flocmat an excellent reputation:
Flocked mats
– Pigment inks printed mats
– Transfer printed mats

Flocmat also produces logo mats, advertising mats and custom mats so that its customers and partners can show the visual identity of their company everywhere. Flocmat is able to print any high resolution drawing or photograph.

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Adresse Flocmat
188 bis, route de Bergues
59470 Esquelbecq – FRANCE
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Tel. : +33 (0)3 28 65 77 14
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Creation service

Flocmat can print fabrics with your own patterns and according to your needs It can also offer you a great choice of ready-to-use settings in numerous and varied themes.

Flocmat products also include much choice to personalize your flooring :
– Easily adaptable decorative printed carpet tiles These tiles can decorate any interior, office, home or stand at an event with absolutely no limit but the imagination.
– Pedagogical carpets: carpets designed for teachers. Many patterns available to answer customers’ demands.

Creative, specialized in desktop publishing and with over 10 years of experience, Flocmat guarantees products of high quality that will come up to your expectations from the conceiving to the manufacturing.
Naturally, depending on your demands and needs, Flocmat will study the best packaging and palletization solution for your deliveries in France or Europe.

Thanks to its experience, Flocmat rapidly became the specialist in printed and flocked mats on the European market.
With its fl exibility, its responsiveness and its wide range of products, Flocmat can answer any customer demand.
Flocmat was amongst the first companies to commit themselves to reducing their impact on the environment. Most of its production is made out of reprocessed raw materials.

Moreover, thanks to its ideal location, Flocmat sells many mats throughout Europe.
Flocmat owns a great variety of patterns which are frequently renewed and amongst which there are many bestsellers that can be seen in many homes in France and Europe.
Though strengthened by ID GROUP, Flocmat kept a familial dimension and a startup philosophy that enable it to live up to its reputation of satisfying customers with the quality of its service and products.
Flocmat sales force offers a client servicing that cares about and understands the needs of each customer.

Responsible, innovative and perfectly integrated into ID GROUP, Flocmat convinced the most prestigious customers to chose its products which are modern, innovative, stylish, original and attractive.
For instance, the decorative tiles were unanimously praised by TV broadcasts about interior decorating. Always ready to face increasingly difficult challenges, Flocmat found its place on a highly competitive market. If you have an
idea and even if it seems impossible to make, Flocmat has a solution for you.

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